PrincessDurrJudgementDay Game Chat

Princess Durr: Judgement Day

I’ve reached the beginning of my third year, and triggered the “Grandfather” event. While Princess Durr still has a few more lofty goals in her quest for Stardew Valley domination, I’m ready for a little break while I work on a couple of other projects, and start some new games….

Veakari Streams

It’s an ambitious plan – but here are the stream concepts I’m working on.  Not all of them will come to fruition, I’m sure.  I have definite ideas for the type of content each will contain, and have tried to sum it all up in this handy post.  As time…

PD-Fall2 Game Chat

Finally! A subject who knows how to treat a princess!

  After the witch did her strange and squirty fly by, I found a void egg in my coop the next morning.  I popped it into the incubator, and should see a void chicken, eventually.  Princess Durr intends world domination with the use of this impending minion.  Here is hoping…