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PrincessDurrJudgementDay Game Chat

Princess Durr: Judgement Day

I’ve reached the beginning of my third year, and triggered the “Grandfather” event. While Princess Durr still has a few more lofty goals in her quest for Stardew Valley domination, I’m ready for a little break while I work on a couple of other projects, and start some new games….

PD-Fall2 Game Chat

Finally! A subject who knows how to treat a princess!

  After the witch did her strange and squirty fly by, I found a void egg in my coop the next morning.  I popped it into the incubator, and should see a void chicken, eventually.  Princess Durr intends world domination with the use of this impending minion.  Here is hoping…

PrincessDurrSDV Game Chat

Oh Noes Princess Durr!

Princess Durr has been greatly offended by the Stardew Valley train.  How dare it not stop for her grace!  There will be repercussions!   [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”]