Cubium Dreams

Cubium Dreams – is an atmospheric first-person puzzle game with horror elements, made in a minimalistic surreal style. Developer: Igrodelsky Publisher: Siberian Digital   [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/z5fV37ffYqg” autoplay=”no”] [iframe id=”http://store.steampowered.com/widget/448260/” autoplay=”no”]

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

It’s been weeks since anyone last saw the Viking men of the village of Borja, and young Tyrim is determined to set forth and find them. Wielding his crafting and combat skills, you’ll set sail on the Mad Goat across the seas to uncover the world of Nygard’s mysteries, collecting…

King’s Quest Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb

King’s Quest is a collection of five different chapter releases, each focusing on an untold tale in Graham’s past. Discover a wondrous world full of whimsical characters, charming puzzles and perilous dangers in this fun and enchanting coming of age story. Developer: The Odd Gentlemen Publisher: Sierra [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GDQ1WjjHaNI” autoplay=”no”]…

runestone keeper Game Chat

Runestone Keeper – Keepin it casual this morning

What is your take on mobile ports to PC? Spent some time this morning playing Runestone Keeper – a mobile port, that is part mine sweeper, part dungeon crawler.  Much like Dungelot: Shattered Lands, you progress through dungeons in order to improve your current character, as well as unlock new…