Secrets of Deep Earth Shrine

Dig your own path in this quirky strategy platformer. Use traps to defeat monsters, blow apart your environment, and collect treasure! Developer/Publisher: Chronicle Games   [iframe id=”″ autoplay=”no”]   [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”]

BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer

A super high difficulty, fantastical 2D action platformer complete with an expansive original soundtrack. 20+ Levels. Multiple playable characters. Rich lore. BLEAK: Welcome to Glimmer is Act One in a timeless tale of loss and redemption. Developer/Publisher: Tenwall Creatives, Inc. [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”] [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”]

Slime Jumper

Slime Jumper is a Jump ‘n Run somewhere between Super Mario and Super Meat Boy. It is a cool platformer, where you have to dodge a lot of things, or you must not run into them. On the one hand there are for example spikes, which you have to avoid,…


Chicku is a nail bitingly hard platformer in which the player has to escape the evil Barrington farm. You’ll be forced to dodge saws, spikes and many other deadly traps in order to save your brethren and rise against the evil Dr. Barrington. Developer/Publisher: Gatling Goat Studios [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”]…