Victory Game Chat

Offworld Trading Company – Gougin’ the Colonist!

Hubby picked up Offworld Trading Company for us this last week, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. Gonna give it a quick rundown here. I guess I’d call it an economic RTS. There isn’t really any fighting, just economic dominance where you win by buying out competitors before…

mims Game Chat

The Mims Beginning

The Mims Beginning One of the games we picked up during the Steam summer sale. Hubby thought I’d like it, and it’s not too bad so far. I’ve got about 3 or so hours in on it, and have done maybe 5 missions or so. I am enjoying the little…

Police Infinity

Police Infinity, 314 Arts’ first game, is a first person shooter wanting to disconnect from the other casual shooters. With less casualized features (e.g. no hitmarkers) we aim to create a fun game with competetive and casual modes. Developer/Publisher: 314 Arts   [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”] [iframe id=”” autoplay=”no”]

Red Haze

You know, my dear, it isn’t safe… To wander and creep while oh so weak. In the abandoned, the rotten, the decayed. Society has forgotten you; it won’t lift a finger for that which it tossed away. You’re just prey that the true prowlers who lay in shadows await to…