pirate Game Chat

Caught in a Rut

Haven’t really explored any new and exciting games lately, mostly playing some classics and free to plays (f2p). Dawn of Discovery (aka Anno 1404) has gotten some high play time recently. The campaign story was just obnoxious, so I’ve mostly been playing continuous play modes. Thinking of trying out the…

Vitzka Just Playin'

Vitzka the Destroyer!

Finally wrapped up my Destroyer goals this morning by earning my first conquest!  I did the level 3 gems to 65 task to complete it. I’ve made a little progress on my solo greater rifts – and got Vitzka up to Grift 63 now, but have really hit a wall with…

Liv Moore Just Playin'

Cute! Liv Moore pet in Diablo <3

Picked her up after about 2- 1/2 hours of farming.    It may be my imagination, but I feel like she has a slightly larger radius of pick up than my little tree guy. We were also farming for the Whimsyshire Portrait frame during that time – no luck on…