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Darkest Dungeon Antiquarian

  Quick clip of the antiquarian in action. He often allows you to find Minor Antiques (worth 275 gold, stacks up to 20 according to the wiki) or Rare Antques (worth 1000 gold, stacks up to 5 according to the wiki).

black yeti Game Chat

I just want my mic to wooooork!

3/14 Not a lot new to report – still waiting on my RMA for the mic. 🙁  I’m not very impressed with Yeti’s RMA system so far.  The rep is super polite, but the process is not very well thought out.  The initial form should cover most of the stuff…

avatar (12) Stream

What’s up with the Stream?

So it has not been fun this week.  My mic decided to crap out, and OBS is being cranky with me. Hoping to get my RMA (or issue resolved) for the mic soon. OBS issues just don’t seem to be going away.  I can either have mic, or game audio…