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Caught in a Rut

Haven’t really explored any new and exciting games lately, mostly playing some classics and free to plays (f2p). Dawn of Discovery (aka Anno 1404) has gotten some high play time recently. The campaign story was just obnoxious, so I’ve mostly been playing continuous play modes. Thinking of trying out the…

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Yep! Doing the Pokemans Thing.

So the Hubby and I are in on the Pokemon Go craze. On our block there is a Pokegym, and a handful of Pokestops. None close enough to overlap, or anything, so there is no crazy leveling frenzies going on. I got about a level ahead of him by using…

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Offworld Trading Company – Gougin’ the Colonist!

Hubby picked up Offworld Trading Company for us this last week, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. Gonna give it a quick rundown here. I guess I’d call it an economic RTS. There isn’t really any fighting, just economic dominance where you win by buying out competitors before…