Yep! Doing the Pokemans Thing.



So the Hubby and I are in on the Pokemon Go craze. On our block there is a Pokegym, and a handful of Pokestops. None close enough to overlap, or anything, so there is no crazy leveling frenzies going on. I got about a level ahead of him by using my incense, so at present he is 8, and I am 9.  The first day of it I swear our cat Popo was freaking out like mad, and I decided he must be able to see the Pokemon.  If he’s a Pokewhisperer, he only seems to draw the common ones.  

We have gone out for lunch the last couple of days to explore what was nearby, and made a few interesting captures.  I was ooohing and aaaaahing over the Electabuzz that I picked up near the pet store, and was pretty tickled by the little Horsea that showed up in my living room this morning.

We definitely are not serious enough players to take over our local gym, but I am more of a collector anyway. It seems to cycle between all 3 color teams pretty regularly though, and so far no one seems to have held it for very long.  I tried to battle at the gym, just to see what it was like, but it just kept lagging out and freezing up the app.  I never got to even experience the agony of defeat.

Hopefully they’ll keep putting out more updates to get a lot of these issues worked out.  I’m experiencing a lot of dropped sessions, and losing Pokemon due to the app freezing up.

At the end of July, the Pokemon Go Plus comes out.  I think it’s a cool idea for commuters, but the $35 price tag seems a bit much.  If you haven’t seen it – it’s a little Bluetooth device you sync up to your phone.  When you’re near a Pokestop, or if a Pokemon (that you have already caught previously) spawns, you can press a button to interact, rather than mess with your phone.  If it’s successful, it’ll vibrate.  If not, well,  you just launched a Pokeball into the digital abyss.

For me, Pokemon Go has absolutely gotten me out of the house, more familiar with my neighborhood, and has just plain been fun to collect the little pocket monsters.

How have you been enjoying the game?  Would love to hear some tips and strategies – feel free to add them into the comments!


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