Offworld Trading Company – Gougin’ the Colonist!


Hubby picked up Offworld Trading Company for us this last week, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. Gonna give it a quick rundown here.

I guess I’d call it an economic RTS. There isn’t really any fighting, just economic dominance where you win by buying out competitors before they do the same to you. So far I’ve gone through all 5 of the tutorials, and the first 2 “practice” missions. I have basic exposure to all the factions, and have needed very little strategy so far. The missions are super simple, but they drive home the basics of the game play. The resources are pretty straight forward, and it shows you what buildings are needed to provide them directly next to them in the UI.

There are 4 factions, each with different advantages.

Seneca Development

Seneca Development is the Expansive HQ:
One extra claim with each HQ upgrade
Needs half as much Steel for buildings
Expansive units move 50% faster (reducing fuel costs by one-third)
Those extra claims make things interesting. Needing less steel helped me get to my upgrades/special buildings faster.

Yoshimi Robotics
Yoshimi Robtics HQ
HQ does not consume life support
Units use Power instead of Fuel
Double bonus from tiles under the HQ
Requires half the Aluminum and uses Electronics instead of Glass to upgrade HQ
Buildings receive adjacency bonus for being next to buildings that supply an input resource, including power (Ex. Steel Mill next to an Metal Mine)
I liked that building food was for pure profit, so far its a good money maker regardless of faciton. Adjacency bonuses are nice, but can make you a target to Black Market dealings.

Reclamation Industries
Reclamation Industries – Scavenger HQ
Uses Carbon instead of Steel to construct buildings
Learn about market news events earlier
Can use Black Market more frequently
Carbon is a bit rarer on the maps (at least so far), yet still always present, but you don’t have the extra steps involved in the manufacturing steel (one mine vs 2 mines + factory). The black market can be devastating to use against the competition.

New Meridians
New Meridians – Scientific HQ
Manufacturing Buildings can use raw resource deposits when placed on that tile
+50% faster research of Patents
Recovers faster from EMPs and Power Surges
All about efficiency, but seem to be really weak to some of the black market tricks that will be a favorite of the Scavengers.

We picked this up to play as a co-op game, which it has in addition to multiplayer battles. Haven’t tried any of those modes out yet, as I am still working through the single player campaign. Mohawk seems to do a good bit of community events, if you’re into the multi-player aspect. Check out Mohawk Games over at their Twitch channel, Twitter, or website.

Watch live video from MohawkGames on

It’s a bit more expensive than a lot of the other indie games I’ve picked up. I’m not really far enough in to weigh in on the value. We got the deluxe version (which came with all DLC, plus a 2nd key for a friend – so Hubby and I could both play) for 50% off during last weeks sale.


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