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Idle Civ

I’m working my way through the games I picked up on Steam last week during the sale. Today I clicked and afk’d my way though a session of Idle Civilization. More idle than clicker (you only click about 60 times total to get yourself started), it has a few features that are a different from other games I have seen in the genre.

You can hire hero’s to go on quests, who (sometimes) gain equipment that adds bonuses to your settlement. You occasionally gain experience, but it’s not an every time thing. Missions start off around 5 minutes long, and seem to get longer as the hero level rises.

Religion becomes a form of currency as well, offering buffs that vary with the deity you choose. Some of these are really powerful, giving you buildings at a steep discount, or giving free technology tree items, and more.

Villagers, one of your original currencies so to speak, can go on exploration quests, that can yield resources. They can also be drafted into an army, which can be used to war with other towns, or take part in a raid. So far I can only conquer the smallest villages. The raids and anything larger have thousands of dudes, where I only have hundreds so far.

For a clicker, you really don’t do much clicking – at least not the spammy kind. You do a few to get the ball rolling for your workers, and beyond that it isn’t worth clicking again, until the next time you cycle – what you get per click is not worth the bother. Your time is spend buying buildings, managing the tech tree, or dealing with the little questing systems. The story is medieval fantasy type stuff – nothing heavy.

Normally my clicker games are free (& forget). This one goes for $4.99 (although it was on sale last week – so it may go on sale again.) The graphics are pretty basic, and the font chosen didn’t scale all that great to a large screen. If you’re into clickers, its kinda nice to see something a little different, though.

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