The Mims Beginning


The Mims Beginning
One of the games we picked up during the Steam summer sale. Hubby thought I’d like it, and it’s not too bad so far. I’ve got about 3 or so hours in on it, and have done maybe 5 missions or so.

I am enjoying the little aliens. I like the city building aspect. I didn’t realize how much I had been missing playing a god game.

The gathering processes takes a little longer than feels necessary – you can turn up the speed (X2 or X3), but that isn’t really the issue. I feel like I’m just sitting around waiting a lot of the time, without something else to be busy on, since everything uses the same 2 currencies (at least this far). It could use a whole host of quality of life additions – like selecting multiple units. Or a save – you either finish the particular mission in one sitting, or too bad! Do it again from the beginning.

All in all, fun little game. I plan on getting back into it more this week. I am glad we got this one on sale though. The regular price of $19.99 seems a bit high.

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