Bloodgate – Casual Slaughter


Picked up Bloodgate this morning on the cheap. It’s a Match 3/Runner. Same vein as You Must Build a Boat – with modern/stylized graphics. I’ve only got an hour in so far, but its not a bad little game. And at only $0.89 I have no regrets.

Not sure I’d go for it at the $9 early access price, or the $15 price they are considering after release though. It definitely has a “we’re going to put in microtransactions” vibe – although I don’t see that implemented currently.

I’m kinda likin’ this genre mash up. I like match 3 for whatever reason, and that causing reactions in the hero’s makes it interesting.

RNG is heavily in play for gear drops.

It has salvaging/crafting so you can beef the gear and spells you have.

So far I have a fighter, and a rogue type in my party. There is also a caster, which I haven’t unlocked yet. You can drag your back line party member to the front to swap them out during combat. They have different abilities that you power up by matching 3 (or more for bigger boosts) of the corresponding gem.

There is a campaign with 6 chapters. The first chapter has about 20 maps, of which I have run 10. From the Inn you can see a variety of achievements, and daily tasks which reward you with gold which allows you to craft. Keys are the other currency, which seem to be random drops. Those let you get things from the shop.

There is also PvP – League, Casual, and Skirmish.

I’d say grab this one while it’s on sale!