May 2016

IRScared Hangin' with Hubby

Let’s go north, I said…

So the Chaos Armies have descended upon me.  Still loving the new Total War Warhammer.  Best experience I’ve had with the series so far! Spent the day playing co-op with the Hubby.  

SimUs Just Playin'

Sims Fight Club

My sim had some anger issues, so apparently my mission was to fight a random stranger. So I invited the next person in off the street, and made them instantly despise me. Didn’t want to fight with the Hubby. 

Liv Moore Just Playin'

Cute! Liv Moore pet in Diablo <3

Picked her up after about 2- 1/2 hours of farming.    It may be my imagination, but I feel like she has a slightly larger radius of pick up than my little tree guy. We were also farming for the Whimsyshire Portrait frame during that time – no luck on…